why mxp malta?

For years long we have been active on the Airbnb online platform so we know what is going on in the market, what other hosts are offering and what problems other hosts and property managers are likely to face. We will not only get that booking for you but we will also make sure your guests have paid whilst making sure that your apartment is getting a 5 star service. We will handle guest enquiries and support them prior to their stay.

Guests have lots of questions, need a lot of attention and want everything arranged and sorted out before their holiday starts. It takes TIME, it takes DEDICATION, it takes PASSION. That's where we fit in.

Our Mission

Getting as much value on your Airbnb bookings as possible whilst making your life a lot easier by being your all-in-one online presence acting as your guests' online host. Together with you or your property manager we shall make your guests' experience unique and outstanding. 


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our Pricing

payment terms apply to each booking and payment transfer.